Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Minute Travel Australia

Last Minute Travel is a well-known brand in tourism industry. For many years, they have been serving million of travelers from around the world. You can find their mark in almost all travel destinations in all continents. The worldwide travel provider has been popular choice for many people for their one stop travel solution like last minute accommodation, last minute flights, and last minute hotels.

Recently, Last Minute Travel global network re-launched their Australian branch website; It’s a major improvement compared to their previous appearance. Before, the site is difficult to navigate and not too catchy. At least, that was my first impression when I visited the site a couple of times ago. Although, I must admit that the site has a comprehensive travel resources.

For the loyal customers, the improvement surely will help finding all their travel needs easier and faster. The new look doesn’t affect at all to the main Last Minute Travel business. While for the new customer, the more user-friendly design will make the crawling experience more comfort. It is even easier now to find more specific queries such as cheap flights, qantas, singapore airlines, jetstar, and virgin blue. In addition, to track available deals and discounts, customers could subscribe to the newsletter.

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