Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gay Travel Buddy

I have finally found a gay travel blog!  I’m so excited.  This blog is called Gay Travel Buddy.  It’s written by a person who travels a lot to many destinations throughout the US so they can give you recommendations about gay businesses in whatever city they have written about.
Since Chips brother lives in San Diego, I was looking at the post about San Diego Hillcrest Area.  Although, I would probably never be able to encourage his brother to go to any of the restaurants and Coffee Shops listed but it would be funny if he did go.
You know it’s funny, I have been to San Francisco throughout my childhood, my parents drove us there at least once a year or every couple of years.  The last time I was there was in 1990 and then that’s it.  But I was reading the San Francisco, Castro Area post and I was very informed.  Although I have never been to the Castro area, I now know where to get a hotel and about the parking situation.  I also know about the homeless situation there too now lol.
You know, I haven’t been to the Las Vegas Area since 1990 as well.  I need to travel more lol.  I read the post about Las Vegas and found that it’s not really some place I want to visit after all.  But if I did decide to, I now know where the gay bars are.  There is a link for each one of them with a post telling the good, the bad and the ugly.  Yeah, not interested, thanks.  If I went to Vegas I’d go to Circus Circus like when I was a kid and probably go see Holly Madison in her show then that’s it.
I have never been to New York and frankly I’m terrified to go but thanks to this blog I can read his article about New York City so I know where I should go and where I need to stay away from.
I have family who live in Texas so it’s cool to see a post about Austin.  There are posts about all the Gay barsRestaurants and Hotels.
The Gay Travel Buddy blog is a valuable tool for all gay people who want to know about a city before they make plans to go there.  I know I will use it.